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Tips for Creating Amazing Wedding Invitations

Designing wedding invitations is quite scary. This is because there are many styles to choose from. Moreover, you want to make them special and personal for the couple. In this post, you will learn useful tips for creating classic wedding invitations UK.

Choose style

wedding invitations 7y6tEach invitation design will be in a category of its own. It can also borrow from various styles. Sticking with a given style, particularly when the couple has a themed wedding, can be a great way of providing your invitation project with a good focus. Several design styles work well for the wedding invitations. For instance, you can go with traditional and elegant style. This is a timeless, classic style which is ideal for any wedding. You will not risk offending senior citizens in your wedding party with this particular style choice.

Selecting a style is an important thing to do when starting your designs. You will realize that mixing certain style genres will offer your invitations a distinctive and recognizable character.

Timeless typefaces

You should note that even a font can make or break your wedding invitation design. Ensure you choose typefaces which can live for long. Formal classics such as Caslon and Fournier can prove to be timeless even when a couple opens its wedding invitations some decades later.

Unless you are having a themed wedding, this is not the time you should experiment with novelty font. Also, stay away from marker-pen, grunge, and distressed fonts which also look cool but can make the designs look flyer-like and informal.


Before you start designing a wedding invitation, you should take into account several practical issues. For instance, what are the dimensions of your invitation card? Will they be landscape or oriented portrait? Usually, wedding invitations are made to fit inside a standard envelope. Do not match size of invitation to that of the envelope. This is because it will be too large to fit. Thus, you need to allow some extra millimeters from the edges.

Moreover, special printing effects such as gloss printing and foiling can stretch the purse strings. Therefore, avoid getting carried away. In this case, simple is the best. You can shop around for great deals if you want something unique.


wedding invitations gt56Photography is under-utilized when it comes to wedding invitations. Remember that designs have an illustrative or typographic focus instead. If you want to offer your wedding a unique appearance, you should consider introducing the photos into the layout. It can even make your invitations look fresh and modern. This is ideal if you are not going the vintage route. It is even advisable to incorporate photos of the groom and bride to be.

If you want to keep the design appear contemporary, you can set the photo as a border or background. This means that you can make your invitations unique and customizable. You can even drop a broad range of photos across a group of invites. In this way, every guest can get a unique wedding invitation card.