Considerations To Make When Choosing The Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses vary because of the type of material used to make them. There is a natural material, made from rubber, and a synthetic one made from artificial materials made to simulate the natural one. Also, there is a combination of the two materials combined to make a different material. Each of these gives a different feel and quality.

General information

Synthetic formula

mbbxxzThe desire for going green can affect whether you get a natural or synthetic mattress. If you want to sleep green, you will want an all-natural one. Synthetic formulas have chemicals that are not present in all natural forms. For many, especially ones who suffer from various allergies, this may be an important consideration.

Natural vs synthetic

Though the consistency may seem similar, at least in appearance, the feel is quite different between the two. Most people feel the natural substance is far superior to the synthetic. The natural ones are firmer and offer more support. The synthetic is fluffier and softer. Some like to use a combination, using natural in the core for support and the synthetic on top for softness.
For comfort issues, natural is by far the best in most people’s opinion. It is not nearly as hot to sleep on as synthetic. Also, microbes and dust mites that plague people with sleep allergies are not present in the natural product. Also, the foam does not form body impressions as easily. It is also easier to turn from side to side and back to belly without disturbing sleep.


In selecting a good latex mattress, it is best to look for one made without layers or baffles or anything that might tend to shift.

If you do choose a mixed natural and synthetic, you will have to have layers, but stand a bigger chance of shifting problems. Still, if you wish to have the softness of synthetic with the firmness and buoyancy of natural, layers will be necessary.

Another thing to consider when choosing your latex mattress is to look at the warranty.


The warranty should be readily available and indicate what is included, such as whether it is a full or prorated replacement. Also, there should be some trial period, in case it just doesn’t work for you. Some companies offer thirty days, some sixty, and some even ninety days trial. They also offer different bonuses, such as pillows, sheet sets, and such.

Sleep is one of the most important parts of a person’s day

qqwwwThis means that latex mattresses are important to insure that good sleep. The choices in materials, styles, firmness, construction and the choice between natural and synthetic mean there are a huge number of decisions to be made. You want to be sure you get the best one possible that fits your preferences.

With any mattress, the most important thing you can do is try different latex mattress models and brands and see what you prefer.