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One thing that almost all large companies and corporations have in common is that they all try to promote a unique work culture, one that completely lacks any traces of bureaucracy. These days, finding a horizontal organizational structure is quite easy, thanks to the impact of the internet and especially social media. With these, employees have a great chance to inform the public about all the unflattering practices and policies of the companies they work for. All it takes is a few online reviews and tweets to tell the world about a particular company’s dubious or shady intentions.

No Company Wants A Tarnished Reputation

Once a company’s reputation takes a backseat, it is usually tough for that company to recover and re-establish its former reputation. That is the main reason why many employers these days try their best to utilize YouTube, Facebook or Twitter to connect with the public.

The Importance Of Online Platforms

These platforms are imperative nowadays, as they allow the employers to discuss the latest trends and developments, which include HR policies, job opportunities, stock developments as well as future projects. Another thing those companies have in common is that they all tend to be proactive instead of relying on apparent misconceptions.


These can also greatly help the employees, as well. With the help of platforms mentioned above and various online job reviews, they can learn much more about the aspects and the culture of their prospective workplaces. Any information that comes from the current or former employees, or the company itself, is sure to be more accurate and authentic, as opposed to unverified, shady sources.

Useful For Prospective Employees

These employee reviews can be hugely helpful for those looking to land a job position in a particular company. They can also be used to identify the growth opportunities and the work culture of a particular company. For example, if you are the type of person who is highly organized, you will probably want to avoid a company that is known for a chaotic, disorganized work culture. However, if you are a dynamic person, who craves for new and exciting challenges, you can easily find the reviews that are reflective of your personality.

Online Job Reviews & Ratings

sadsadIn addition to social media sites, there are also a plethora of platforms where employees and employers can share useful information. With the help of these platforms and reviews, such as the Nu Skin Glassdoor reviews, people can find information about certain companies, their employment policies and conditions and job opportunities. A good thing about these reviews is that they offer a chance to current employees to be perfectly anonymous and share their unbiased opinions without fearing any repercussions.

A Win-Win Opportunity

Keep in mind that a healthy work culture is important for bringing a cohesive atmosphere and allowing the employees to enjoy their jobs and give their best efforts. Employees, who are dissatisfied with the work culture, will be much less likely to provide excellent services or work to their optimum. Without online job reviews, it would be tough for people to find the appropriate jobs, as well as for companies to find right people. It is a win-win situation that no prospective employee or ambitious employer should skip.


Benefits Of Team Coaching In The Work Place

Team coaching assists organizations with critical business goals. Within the coaching partnership, coaches work with employees in identifying and creating clarity around important business goals. Therefore, this allows for the establishment of effective management strategies to ensure the achievement of targets. What are some benefits of team coaching? Outlined below are some of the benefits of team coaching in the workplace.

Team Coaching Benefits

Coaching Improves Creativitylkskkddkdkdk

A coach will encourage your employees in positively seeking alternative solutions and new ideas with higher resourcefulness and resilience. A coach encourages new perspectives and provides inspiration by the questions they ask when training and the actionable objectives they create together with your employees.

Coaching Manages Change That Accompanies Organisational Growth

Professional coaching is an essential recipe for change and growth management. A coach assists employees to review present, challenges needs and opportunities, all while maximizing the inherent growth they already possess.

Coaching Boosts Productivity And Effectiveness

Coaching is particularly necessary if employees are getting on new leadership roles. Coaches then inspire them to their individual and trained potential, thus improving on production and efficiency. Within coaching, a focus is set on learning and clarity for progressive action.

Coaching Develops Communication Skills

Professionally coached Individuals have walked away with new found views on individual communication skills, opportunities, and challenges. Also, improved thinking and decision-making abilities, renewed relational efficiency and improved confidence in carrying out chosen work and life roles.

Coaching Retains And Attracts Talented Employees

If you have difficulty obtaining exceptional workers (or retaining them), your company needs to invest in developing its employees. Coaching is an excellent way to improve employees and show them you value their development.

Coaching Brings Employee Work-life Balance

A staff undergoing the advantages of a balanced life is a happier employee who therefore is a more productive worker. Coaches work with employees to align, clarify, and discover what your employees hope to gain, including a steady work-life balance.

Helps Companies Flourish During Uncertain Economic Times

Coaching is a compelling tool in the light of ambiguity. Various types of organizations experience the importance of what professional coaching brings. This includes improved business performance, conflict reduction, higher employee retention, and morale, enhanced product quality, greater worker involvement, leadership development, and team building skills.

Coaching Restores Organizational Self-confidence

jjkjdkddkdkkddkddkOrganizations undergoing workforce cutbacks through downsizing, restructuring, or a merger place remarkably high anticipations on the outstanding workforce. Restoring self-confidence to face the imminent hurdles is necessary so as to meet organizational requirements.

For coaching, or mentoring to work, the roots of a thriving mentoring relationship is possessing a defined expectation, having an agreed set of customs, eagerness to learn, trust and transparency.